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Imagine: A wellness weekend that will see you re-energized and relaxed to your core in no time. This too you will find on offer at De Buitenhorst in Brabant. This too you will find on offer at De Buitenhorst in Brabant. Sana De Buitenhorst is available for half-day hire, exclusively for your own group.

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Sana De Buitenhorst

Relax in the sauna and the Turkish steam bath. Then enjoy our very large outdoor whirlpool, which seats up to no fewer than eight people. And all this in total privacy. Where else can you get that these days?

Wellness package Sana de Buitenhorst has a closed outdoor area that can only be accessed by your group.

Whatever you would like…

Relax package Sana also comes with a cozily furnished relaxation room with a fireplace and a television. From here you have a magnificent view filled with nature of the Brabant landscape. In the pantry you can, on request, avail of a well-stocked refrigerator with various beverages.

Would you like some food? On request we can provide tasty snacks or an extensive lunch. We can even do an extensive barbecue.

Sauna / Wellness center De Buitenhorst is easily accessible from, among others, Oss, Uden, Grave, Bernheze, and Maasdonk.


We have put together several wellness packages for you. With all these packages, access to the space is exclusive to the group who booked the Sana. So this means that you will have the exclusive right to use the facilities during the relevant package.

Wellness package 1

Use of Sana De Buitenhorst (Sauna, Turkish bath, and whirlpool) for a half day of 4 hours.

Price is €150 per half day

Wellness package 2

You can also choose to rent Sana De Buitenhorst without the use of the whirlpool. The package will include use of the Sauna and the Turkish steam bath.

Price is €50 (starting rate) + €12.50 per hour.

Wellness package 3

Would you only like to use the whirlpool? We can do that too. This will also allow you the use of the lounge space.

Price is €90 per half day The price for a full day is €125.

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