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About De Buitenhorst

Who are we?

Wim and Rianne Mathijssen, married and proud parents of Marieke and Esther.

Both were born in Schaijk in Brabant and now live and work in an absolutely stunning place on the French track, directly bordering onto the De Maashorst Nature Reserve.

In other words, Brabant: convivial, laid-back, and fun; where life is good!

How did we start off?

We took over Wim’s parents’ farm. A business with 30 dairy cows, young cattle, and 1,000 pigs. Not long after, we had to deal with the reconstruction of Brabant’s rural area. The options to continue the company as it was were limited, and expansion was practically impossible.

Time, therefore, to cast a critical eye over the company and its future. For us, moving was not an option; we wanted to remain at our beautiful spot.

After extensive orientation and visits to other agricultural companies that were trying to branch out into another industry, we decided to change course.

Our plan was to create a luxury group accommodation for families, groups of friends, and business guests. In 2004 we began planning and in 2007 the municipality issued the permit that allowed us to commence building.

We opened in July 2008 and, ever since then, we have been working tirelessly to ensure our guests have an unforgettable time.

Working in De Buitenhorst brings us tremendous joy, each day all over again, and we hope to welcome you in our accommodation!


Wim and Rianne

Marieke and Esther

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Groepsaccommodatie De Buitenhorst
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